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Get ready to be mesmerized!

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Enter the fascinating world of illusions! Enter the fascinating world of illusions!

Enter the fascinating world of illusions! Enter the fascinating world of illusions!

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Explore our exhibits

Get a glimpse of our all-time classic exhibits and our new and unexplored illusions. Immerse yourself in our intriguing visual, sensory, and educational experience!

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Plan events with us

From corporate events to birthday parties, we will welcome and entertain everyone who is ready for a great time. Organize an unforgettable event among the most amazing illusions.

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Our new museum is here!

Take a peek at the astonishing Museum of Illusion experience! You won’t believe your eyes!

Plan your group visits and field trips to MOI Mall of America!

Our interactive installations can be experienced through a pre-booked guided tour or can be explored at your own pace, either way, be prepared to have your mind blown. Contact us for all the details and get ready for an exhilarating adventure!

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An illusion unveiled by 200+ reviews.

Explore illusions at the Museum of Illusions in Minneapolis, where over 200 voices unveil the city’s secrets. Join the enchanted and be mesmerized by our 4.8/5-star magic in the heart of Minneapolis.

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Gwendolyn Marie Avatar
Gwendolyn Marie
2/27/2024 - Google
super fun i paid $60 dollars for me and my children to get in to the museum the museum was so cool i loved it my kids loved it and... Read more
Jennifer Medema (Raven Rose) Avatar
Jennifer Medema (Raven Rose)
2/25/2024 - Google
Second time venturing into one of these places, the first was the locationin Charlotte, NC. SO much fun both times. I HIGHLY recommend this for anyone who enjoys a good... Read more
Deisy Jimenez Avatar
Deisy Jimenez
2/24/2024 - Google
It was such a cool experience! Got so many cool photos. Spent almost an hour in there! Definitely recommend.


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