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Learning as an adventure

Embark on an exciting learning adventure where students explore new concepts, make fascinating discoveries, and expand their understanding. With the Museum of Illusions educational program, this captivating journey combines engaging museum visits and comprehensive lessons, inspiring young minds along the way.

  • Standards-based

    The incorporation of a standards-based curriculum ensures that the educational content aligns with established learning objectives and educational guidelines.

  • Grades 3-12

    The program targets students in grades 3 to 12, catering to a wide range of ages and academic levels. This inclusivity allows students to explore concepts that are appropriately challenging and relevant to their grade level.

  • STEM & ELA

    By incorporating lessons from STEM subjects, English Language Arts, and Visual Arts, the program fosters a holistic learning experience. This approach enables students to connect knowledge across disciplines and understand the interdisciplinary nature of many real-world phenomena.

  • Fun Learning

    Throughout the museum visit and the accompanying curriculum, interactive exhibits and hands-on activities take center stage. These experiences allow students to actively participate, experiment, and discover the principles of illusions and perception. By engaging their senses and physically interacting with the content, students become active learners, making the learning process exciting and memorable.

  • Before, During & After

    Ensuring engagement before, during, and after the museum visit is crucial for a comprehensive learning journey. Pre-visit engagement can pique students’ curiosity and build anticipation, while post-visit activities allow them to reflect on their experiences and reinforce what they’ve learned.

  • Immersive Experience

    Integrating the excitement of a museum visit into the program adds a sense of adventure and exploration, making learning more memorable and impactful.

  • Pre-designed Materials

    To support educators in delivering the program effectively and to enhance the students’ learning experience, our program provides comprehensive predesigned materials. These materials serve as valuable resources that save time and effort for both teachers and students while ensuring a coherent and standardized educational journey.

Teacher Perks

The program offers a wealth of perks for teachers:

  • Ready-made curriculum materials
  • Educator guides
  • Presentation slides
  • Guided inquiry questions
  • List of suggested exhibits
  • Field trip guides
  • Museum orientation materials

These materials are designed to save you time and effort, allowing you to seamlessly integrate the program into your curriculum. By participating in our program, teachers can enhance their instruction and provide students with an unforgettable learning experience that goes beyond the traditional classroom setting.

Student Perks

  • Students will have the opportunity to:Explore mind-bending illusions
  • Engage in critical and creative thinking
  • Discover the science behind optical phenomena
  • Be captivated by our exhibits
  • Be guided by inquiry-based questions
  • Be  encouraged to reflect on their learning

Our program fosters curiosity, ignites imagination, and encourages students to think outside the box. Get ready for a journey of discovery, where the impossible becomes possible and learning becomes an adventure!

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Looking for a fun new field trip idea for your students? Look no further than Museum of Illusions Mall of America! Students will explore STEM-related concepts while experiencing firsthand how our vision can trick our minds. Fill out the form to get in contact and start organizing your field trip!

Our visitors said this:

  • “A mind-boggling, fantastic place! Out of the ordinary and sooo interesting!”

  • “The perfect blend of fun and learning! We were thoroughly entertained while gaining a deeper understanding of how our minds interpret the world.”

  • “Museum of Illusions is must-visit for all ages! It's a fantastic place to learn about illusions and perception while having a blast with friends and family.”

  • “A fabulous afternoon spent here. Well worth a visit!”